Single measure or project?

People are increasingly gaining importance in the companies, as leaders but also as employees. Specialized tasks are taken over to a growing extent by computers and automated processes. For that reason, social competence, leadership competence, creativity and system competence (sense of reality, intuition, judgment and spontaneous capacity for action ) in particular are becoming more and more relevant for people. 


These competencies can be significantly increased through learning and experience. Our years of experience show us over and over that isolated single measures can not bring the expected sustainability because:  

  • Even the best intentions to change get lost after a short period under the pression of the daily work life,
  • The sustainability of a development process can only be ensured by staying "hands on" (systematic repetition and progression) and through a process of coordinated and ongoing measures  
  • The transfer of new findings and experiences in the work environment requires discipline, continuity and ongoing support
  • Empirical values of field work show that newly learned ways of behaving need 2 years (and more depending on complexity) to become consolidated and automated.  
We reach the best and most sustainable results in our labs: projects developed on thematically relevant building blocks consisting of coordinated single measures. 

We're working these projects out, together with our clients and using for that various instruments and methods.

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