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Our seminars are interactive learning sessions with workshop character. We work in small and manageable groups (up to 20 participants) combining activities, discussions and short presentations.

The modern methodology and didactics create a learning climate in which the participants can find the optimal conditions for autonomous learning. We design this learning predominantly action and experience oriented. 


Our seminars have the strongest effect with following structure:
  • Introducing the respective topic (theory blocks)
  • Giving experience oriented task in relation to the topic (we define the tasks, depending on the objective of the seminar,  from single exercices to complex business games)
  • Processing of all the tasks 
  • Raising awareness about the processes who took place
  • Gathering of all findings which were made
  • Ensuring implementation of these findings during the next task
  • Transfering these learnings to the work place
  • Working out an action plan - concrete measures to implement the findings in the working environment.