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Facilitation and self-development

In self-development the participants take over the responsability of their learning process and the quality of the results! During the whole process, they have the greatest possible freedom for creation and development. They should use this free space under their sole responsibility and up to the highest possible extent. Doing this, they should break out of their usual patterns of learning and leave their personal comfort zone. "Thinking out of the box" is key.

The objectives of a self-development seminar are:

  • Self-directed development and structuring in an open group process 
  • Taking over responsability for the global process, the learning methods and the results
  • Thinking ahead, planning and realizing the self-choosen learning goals 
  • Self-evaluation of the processes and the results
  • Reflection on the learning process and setting goals for further development. 

In the planning and the realization of a self-development seminar, we have a supporting and enabling role for the participants. We merely specify the basic framework and the targets and leave them the biggest possible freedom in the planning, the realization so as and in the results. We are supportive in the choice of learning and reflection methods and we observe and give feedback on meta level throughout the whole process. We encourage the participants to proceed in self-evaluation and ongoing development. 


The following table shows the differences with a training module:



 Processing of imposed tasks         

 Free development of existing potential

 Knowledge transfer

 Use of existing knowledge

 „Learning by doing“

 Participants develop and decide on their own       

 Defined process and structure

 Open result

What your company can win with it:

  • Leaders and employees who feel responsable for the development of the company and the employed people 
  • Great openness towards change 
  • Will to live up the company culture and values 
  • Attention to challenge established process and behavior patterns 
  • Willingness to share knowledge and to learn from each other 
  • Constructive use of existing diversity 

This unique challenge sets very high requirements for the participants and thus suits best as closing of a project or as follow-up of an already closed project.