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Your practical benefit of our coaching lies in the situational use of following triggers:
  • Activation of the resources: the Coachee becomes aware of his positive possibilities, particularities, capacities and motivations and thus of his strengths.
  • Actualisation of the problem: the Coach defines and analyses together with the Coachee the „problem“ and makes it „tangible“ and solvable.
  • Support for the active problem resolution: the Coachee makes the experience that he can manage on his own upcoming challenges or difficulties, which before appeared to him as being not solvable.
Three possible forms of coaching are at your disposal:
  • Classical coaching: 60-90 minutes.
  • Active coaching: half or full day, outdoor. Leaving the usual coaching rooms and experience oneself in an unusual environment helps to focus on the essential and creates new perspectives and approaches.
  • Mental coaching: according agreement, indoors and outdoors. The use of mental techniques accelerates the solution finding and ensures sustainable results.