We are partners

We -  Gerhard BuzekGabriela Leone and Halina Sobolewska - coach our clients in change management processes since more than 20 years, from the very first idea until the complete implementation. 

Our approach

We are working with an innovative and efficient interaction of „Thinking“ and „Action“ - with a balanced combination of theoretical sequences and practical tasks building on them.

The method of "learning through experience" resulted to be particularly successful, based on its efficiency and sustainability.  

„Learning by experience“ means for us using a variety of methods in the implementation - from „indoors“ to „outdoors”. This holistic on experience oriented approach has the declared objective, to practice actions focused on tasks, targets and social competence, so that an immediate physical and mental experience can take place. 


We define these experiments as a conscious dissociation from the every day life, from used routine so as from trained behavioral pattern. Through the immediacy and the unicity of the experience we touch the rational so as the emotional level.

A further methodological focus is the solution focused approach from the brief therapy models. 

The fundamental attitude is: „Dissociate from the problem“.


With this basic attitude, in combination with precisely planned and thematically relevant theory units so as intense reflection periods, it becomes possible to transfer the realized experiences to the professional environment and let them become sustainably effective.